Under the descriptive appellation of La Manga, there is a curious orographic whim that has been one of the symbols that best identifies the Murcian coast as a tourist enclave: an extended cord along approximately 24 km between Cabo de Palos and Punta del Mojón, which puts natural limits to the salt water lagoon known as Mar Menor. Originally, what is currently known as La Manga del Mar Menor was a bay open to the Mediterranean; at its extremes, volcanic rock pitfalls gradually acted as sand and sediment brakes dragged by sea currents, to form a sandy column of dunes and rugged vegetation and extensive beaches bathed by two seas, the Mediterranean and the Minor. La Manga is a narrow strip of land whose width varies between 200 m and 1 km and a half. It is cut by natural channels that maintain contact between the two seas; The so-called goals allow entry into the water of the Mediterranean in the lagoon. As such space, it remained virgin until the decade of the sixties, when the “discovery” of La Manga as a tourist enclave occurs, undergoing a transformation with the urbanization of the area and the construction of tourist infrastructure.


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