Listing ID: 23-A3-16
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Living Area: 90 m²
Terrace: 12 m²
Built in: NEW
March 12, 2019

Fantastique nouvel appartement en face du port et de la plage placé au deuxième étage, achèvement pour l’été 2020, cet appartement peut être composé de 2 ou 3 chambres pour le même prix, il a 108m2 construit avec 2 salles de bains, salon-salle à manger, cuisine américaine, 12m2 terrasse et espace utilitaire. Il est situé juste à côté de toutes les commodités et services, à 7 minutes en voiture du parcours de golf et à 35 minutes de l’aéroport Corvera de Murcie.

Cet appartement est doté de murs, de plafonds et de sols isolés, de fenêtres à double vitrage, d’un système aérothermique pour le chauffage de l’eau, d’un ascenseur et, jusqu’à la fin du mois de mai, de l’éclairage, de la climatisation et d’appareils électriques.

Si vous aimez avoir un garage souterrain, il faut ajouter 15.000 € au prix de 4.000 € de stockage.



Fantastic new apartment in front to the port and the beach placed on second floor, completion summer 2020, this apartment can be 2 or 3 bedrooms for the same price, it has 108m2 built with 2 bathrooms, lounge-dining, American style kitchen, 12m2 terrace and utility area. It is located just next to all amenities and services, 7 minutes drive to golf course and 35 minutes to Corvera airport in Murcia.

This apartment is provided with insulated walls, ceiling and floor, double glazed windows, aero thermal system for heating water, lift, and until the end of may lighting, air conditioning and appliances are included.

If you like to have underground garage that is 15.000€ on top of the price and storage 4.000€.



Formation of foundation slab, with an assembly of corrugated bars according to project.

Formation of reinforced concrete basement wall of corrugated bars according to project from foundation to lower face of slab.

Waterproofing of the lower part of the foundation slab with polypropylene sheet, for the elimination of moisture by capillarity, basement slab and basement wall.

Formation of unidirectional floors and rectangular supports according to plans and project details.

Formation of reinforced concrete stair slab according to project.

Concrete use according to the project throughout the foundation and structure execution.

Realization, according to the law, of samples of fresh concrete test tubes for quality control in the laboratory.

Realization, according to law, of samples of corrugated steel bars for quality control in the laboratory.


Realization of external sheet of facade closing with triple hollow ceramic block of 11 cm of thickness, received with cement mortar, including placement of lintels where necessary for the correct formation of gap, by placing beam or double beam of prefabricated concrete.

Realization of plasters and partitions of housing with double hollow ceramic block of 7 cm of thickness, received with cement mortar, including placement of lintels where necessary for the correct formation of a hole, by placing beam or double beam of prefabricated concrete.

Exterior cladding of facade cladding with single layer mortar 15 mm thick, in defined areas for this termination.

Interior cladding of housing in plasters, partitions and ceilings with gypsum paste projected to good view and manual finishing with trowel.

The fixing of the aluminum carpentry will be done on aluminum pre-frame placed previously on the brick factory with fixing claws.

Formation of inclined cover not passable, finished in ceramic tile.

Formation of walk-in roofs on the roof deck floor finished according to project quality, previous thermal insulation, slopes and waterproofing, with ceramic tile finish.

Formation of smokestacks for fumes from first floor kitchens, with the same finish, single-layer mortar for the facade and prefabricated concrete hood.

Realization of the elevator shaft with solid ceramic brick 11 cm thick received with cement mortar.

Placement of UPN 120 profiling in the elevator shaft to locate the cab guides if necessary.

Exterior cladding of façade cladding with ceramic cladding facing brick, in areas defined in measurement for this termination, received with flexible adhesive mortar.

Cement mortar masks prior to tiling or façade cladding are not included.

Façade cladding, in areas defined for this finish, received with high performance adhesive mortar for external reception, as shown.

Realization of tiling in humid rooms (kitchens, bathrooms and laundry), received with high performance adhesive mortar, as shown.

Realization of interior paving of housing or outdoor terraces, received with high-performance flexible glue mortar or cement grout, even baseboard placement referenced with the pavement and grouted in the same color, as shown.

Interior staircase cladding of housing by placing steps in granite, white marble Spain or material as defined project, 2 cm thick even skirting of the same material of 7 cm in height, including landings and hallway.


Thermal insulation, acoustic waterproofing in houses, based on rigid polyurethane foam projected on site.

Laying of impact sheet under flooring for soundproofing between plants.

Placement of windowsills in Marble Crema Marfil, limestone or similar as shown, 2 cm thick.

Installation of false ceilings by installing 13 mm thick laminated gypsum boards in non-humid departments required by the air conditioning system.

Placing of 13 mm thick plasterboards with profiles, up to 1 meter in height.

Installation of a removable false ceiling by placing hydrophobic plaster panels in a room where the future air conditioning machine will be located.

Placement of acoustic insulation between housing walls.


Exterior carpentry of homes in first brand aluminum, with thermal bridge break in black.

Driving blinds with frame in frame, except the living room balcony, with motorized drive.

Ballroom balcony with lifting system, with bottom rail embedded and flush to floor.

Blind wooden door in white color for housing entrance with security lock and security hinges.

Folding and sliding interior doors (type casoneto), blind and glazed (glass 3 + 3) with stripes and lacquered in white, according to project.

Cabinet fronts with folding doors with stripes and white lacquers, as measured.

Interior metal handrail in 304 stainless steel polished, with a height of 110 cm.

Metal fire doors RF-60 according to project.

Entrance door to building in iron with two coats of lacquer finish, with safety glass.

Window glazing with double glazing and air chamber, formed by 4 mm glass on the outside, 12 mm air chamber and 4 mm glass inside.

Glazing in balconies with double glazing and air chamber, formed by 3 + 3 mm laminated exterior safety glass on the outside, 12 mm air chamber and 3 + 3 mm laminated interior laminated glass.

Railings of terraces with laminated glass of Security 6 + 6 mm embedded to workpiece.


Placement of ground in foundation slab with bare copper of 35 mm2 and 2 meter pikes.

Electrical installation according to project.

Mechanisms and keys for the interior of the Niessen Zenic white house or similar.

Points of light, of plugs, of television and of telephone, according to plan of installation of electricity of project.


Centralization of the installation in meters is included.

Placement of direct interior lighting LED full housing, according to project plan.

Placement of indirect interior LED lighting, according to the Project plan.


Installation of sanitation and evacuation of wastewater and rainwater, in PVC pipes of diameters and distribution of each point detailed in project plans, including siphonic boats and auxiliary material necessary for its correct execution, according to the project.

General line of drinking water supply to housing from existing meter is included.

Accomplishment of installation of interior plumbing of housing, in pipe of ‘PPR’, of diameters and distribution of each point detailed in plans of project, included keys of step and auxiliary material necessary for his correct execution.

Supply and complete assembly of compact tank towers under Ideal Standard Connect.

Supply and complete assembly of washbasins with furniture according to project and single-lever taps model Valencia Chrome.

Supply and complete assembly of acrylic shower trays, of measures according to project, and single-lever taps for shower dublin recessed column.

Installation of 110-liter air heater model NUOS CLIMATE CONTROL INSTALLATION

The pre-installation of air conditioning is offered by distributing air through ducts.

Formation of ducts, custom-made for distribution of refrigerated air, according to project, with output from future machine (not included) placed on removable false ceiling, and carried to each of the departments to be cooled, with double-deflection impulse grilles not motorized white lacquered and return grilles. LIFT

Supply and assembly of hydraulic lift by qualified company, according to project.


Complete furniture according to project layout, with doors and modules in Melamine and chrome handles.

20 mm thick silestone worktop.

Installation of complete appliances, consisting of: refrigerator, sink and mixer tap, oven, dishwasher, microwave and hob.


Lo Pagan is situated on the north shore of the Mar Menor and has merged with San Pedro del Pinatar to become one big town. Lo Pagan has a beautiful beach, promenade and small marina. During the summer months there is a lively funfair beside the marina which adds to the seaside atmosphere.

Lo Pagan is most famous for its mud baths. These are free, which is great news if you have a large family to keep occupied. All ages can use the mud baths from 1 to 100, but only the truly hardy indulge during the winter months. The mud baths are located at the end of the beach and the start of the salinas walking and cycling route out to sea. Simply walk down the steps, cover yourself with the therapeutic mud, said to be good for all types of skin complaints, aches and pain, dry off in the sun, then re-enter the water to wash it all off!

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