Listing ID: 39-P3-7
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Living Area: 73 m²
Terrace: 29 m²
Built in: NEW
February 10, 2019

Nous vendons ce fantastique Penthouse avec vue imprenable sur la mer, il a 86m2 construit, 74m2 salon avec 3 chambres (1 ensuite), 2 salles de bains, salon-salle à manger, cuisine américaine équipée et 29m2 terrasse. Cette propriété est équipée d’un système aérothermique pour le chauffage de l’eau, de fenêtres à double vitrage, de planchers isolés, de toits et de murs, d’un ascenseur, d’un parking souterrain et de la climatisation. Cette belle résidence est située dans une zone privilégiée avec une vue spectaculaire sur le Manga del Mar Menor. Il dispose également d’espaces communs enviables, pour le plaisir de toute la famille et une excellente communication avec le reste des villes et les activités offertes par le climat favorable et l’environnement méditerranéen. Vous profiterez d’une grande variété d’espaces comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu auparavant. Jardin méditerranéen, salle de détente, terrains de sport, piste de volley-ball, spa, piscine de création, aire de jeux pour enfants, observation des oiseaux, aire de loisirs pour animaux de compagnie, salle de gourmet.


We are selling this fantastic Penthouse with great sea views, it has 86m2 built, 74m2 living area with  3 bedrooms (1 ensuite), 2 bathrooms, lounge-dining, American style kitchen equipped and 29m2 terrace. This property is equipped with aero thermal system for heating water, double glazed windows, insulated floors, roof and walls, lift, underground parking and air conditioning. This beautiful residential is located in a privileged area with spectacular views of the Manga del Mar Menor. It also has enviable common areas, for the enjoyment of the whole family and with an excellent communication to the rest of cities and activities offered by the good climate and Mediterranean environment. You will enjoy a wide variety of spaces like you have never seen before AS Mediterranean Garden, Chill-out room, Sports areas, Volleyball track, Spa, Design pool, Play area for children, Bird watching, Recreational area for pets, Gourmet room.


Foundation and structure

Facade and cover

Given the vital importance of these elements of the project, in view of the geotechnical report that

has facilitated the nature and properties of the land, we have been able to perform the calculations and designs necessary to define the most appropriate type of foundation, providing extreme strength; as the structure, by bidirectional reinforced concrete slabs that will transmit the loads

in two directions towards the pillars.

The facade aims to dialogue with the environment. The railings of the wide terraces facing in front

to the sea, it is of safety glass with panoramic vision, that allow us to enjoy some views

privileged of the landscape without practically obstacles, either from the terrace or from inside

Vivienda the house.

The façade has been designed in addition to providing the building with an exclusive image and identity own, to achieve a very demanding degree of comfort. This will be done through the installation of a thermal-acoustic envelope, which will surround the entire housing of the building. This enclosure will isolate building even at points where traditionally it was not done, with breathable materials which have great characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation. Consequence of this will be a lower energy consumption This system technically called SATE (isolation system

external thermal), consists precisely in placing the insulation in the outer layer of the building, which together

With a series of mortars, they give a smooth, rigid and light appearance. This system is supported by a ceramic brick factory. On the inside, we will have an air chamber and a wall covering

of laminated gypsum board, to give a suitable appearance inside the house.

In order to add extra thermal insulation, the flat cover, in addition to the

waterproofing with asphalt fabric, it will have a layer of extruded polystyrene and finished

floor with gravel in non-passable decks and ceramic tile imitation wood in terraces

passable. On outdoor terraces, which are located on other terraces, do not need insulation



It has opted for a constructive system for the separation of houses that combines a factory

brick with a galvanized steel structure with laminated gypsum board, and wool panel

rock on both sides of this, all in order to ensure privacy and comfort by applying an excellent

thermal and acoustic insulation system. For the separation between spaces of different use in a

same house we will manufacture laminated plasterboard walls fastened with metal profiles

separated with a panel of mineral wool. In kitchens, bathrooms and toilets plasterboard will carry

special treatment. With this system in addition to achieving high acoustic and thermal insulation,

you get perfectly smooth walls, where the paint will bring luminosity or warmth

desired, while contributing to the environment by significantly reducing the volume

of waste during execution.

The interior of the house is designed to generate an atmosphere of acoustic comfort and temperature,

that make the stay pleasant, for this we will have not only the mechanisms that the

insulation of the facade and carpentry provide us, but in addition to an installation of air

conditioning and internal ventilation, which allow optimal temperature conditions and


A proper thermal conditioning of the building, improves energy consumption that together with a

Team of sanitary hot water generation through solar panels, allows to minimize the

El maximum possible energy consumption.

Exterior and interior woodwork

The design of our exterior carpentry has one of the best thermal insulation standards:

We have chosen lacquered aluminum with thermal bridge break, preventing the inner and outer face

get in contact, inserting a separating profile that prevents the transmission of cold or heat,

generating, among other advantages, important energy savings or the reduction of

condensation due to temperature differences and moisture content. It will also have a double

Crystal with air chamber, climalit type or similar. With this we will obtain a great energy efficiency

and acoustics, with high percentages of insulation that will result in constant savings in

Our bill for energy consumption, as well as a lower emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The darkening of the rooms, will be made with aluminum blinds, the same color as the

exterior carpentry.

The interior carpentry. For and for your safety, the entrance door to your home is armored with

security lock, anti-lever hinges and will be equipped with an optical peephole. The doors of passage between rooms will be smooth lacquered in white, a modern and elegant choice, finished with solid edges and hardware with chromed cranks. The built-in wardrobes will be made of floor

to ceilings, with sliding doors to match the doors. They will also be coated

internally with a textured melanin board, with shelf and hanging bar.

Inner liner

Being able to work on completely smooth walls, we will give them a touch of luminosity,

providing an impeccable finish on plastic paint, like the ceilings; the color

You can choose between different tones. The roofs of the house will be finished in plastic paint

white In one of the bathrooms, when the HVAC installation is installed, the roof will be registrable for its maintenance.

The satisfaction of all our customers is always present, and as an added value, for the flooring

interior, an elegant porcelain stoneware design has been chosen for the whole house, for its great

resistance and durability, and above all a very important factor to consider, is that it is about

an excellent anti-allergic material, very hygienic due to its low porosity that makes it easier

cleaning, avoiding the appearance of fungi and germs. For the kitchen, we opted for a

cover for the baseboard on a porcelain stoneware top, combined with plastic paint

according to the type of housing. For bathrooms, our customers can choose between several models of

On the outside, the terraces of the houses will be finished with porcelain tiles non-slip wood imitation.

Plumbing and Electricity, Air Conditioning and Hot Water

Energy, our premise to endow the building in all its integrity with capacity and strength. For it

in the execution of the plumbing we will use multilayer pipe, without doubt one of the qualified pipes

of high technology for its excellent properties, such as resistance to high temperatures and

abrasion, and for its durability. In each humid zone will be placed cutting keys as well as keys

additional for each toilet, except showers. In the bathrooms there will be shower trays,

glass screens, washbasins on countertops and first quality toilets. The taps are from

single-lever The electrical installation will be executed with a high degree of electrification to cover all

the range of needs of our customers. It will have independent circuits for lighting,

plugs, appliances and air conditioning. Television will be provided to the rooms,

bedrooms and terraces, telephone point in living room and master bedroom. The living rooms and bedrooms

will have access to broadband telecommunications services that will allow access

maximum speed, excellent data transmission capacity and greater security. All the

cableado will be housed in non-propagating pipes of flame.

For our clients do not lose contact with their country of origin, equipment of

Capture of television signals completely free in the languages: Spanish, Russian, French, English and German.

For greater comfort in your home, air conditioning installation (cold-hot air) will be carried out

through conduits.

The hot water will be generated through an installation of solar panels, a system that minimizes

the use of fossil energy, when recovering energy from renewable sources.

The air conditioning of the house, will be made by direct expansion machines for cold and heat, which one of them will be placed on the roof of the building, while the interior will be installed on the False ceiling of one of the bathrooms.


And to make it also the favorite corner of our clients, we have put all our care in

the kitchens with a very attractive design. Equipped with furniture in high gloss white finish;

and the appliances to carry out these great recipes: conventional oven, plate

ceramic hob and decorative hood. Sink in stainless steel with single lever tap.

The work areas will have silestone or similar countertops. According to the type of housing, the kitchens have been designed: kitchens with visual communication, integrated kitchens in living room with peninsulas or independent kitchens.


Modern lifts will be installed, suitable for people with disabilities, with selective memory

on descent and automatic doors, of high quality and efficiency, and with low sound level in operation.

Incorporates frequency inverter that provides us with greater security and also prolongs the useful life both the motor and the associated mechanical parts.

The urbanization will have a closed circuit of television cameras to guarantee the security

Access and common areas.


For the conservation and protection of our customers’ vehicles, a garage will be available,

closing will be made with reinforced concrete wall. The paved concrete floor will give us

a uniform, resistant, smooth and durable surface. The combination of a system of

forced and natural ventilation taking advantage of the conditions of the building. Equipped with a system emergency: detectors, alarms, luminaires … and fire extinguishing according to regulations. For more comfort of our customers have enabled some areas for the shelter of bicycles. He

will access through an automatic general door with opening with magnetic key and command to


Within the customization options, our client can have a recharge point for Electric vehicle in its square.


The Costa Cálida, in Murcia, is a tourist area where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, services and an incomparable nature to live an endless summer.

Nature. Los Flamencos is located next to the Marchamalo salt pans, at the entrance to the Manga del Mar Menor and very close to the Calblanque natural park and the Cabo de Palos marine reserve.

Sport. You can do both water sports (windsurfing, kite, diving, etc.) and mountain and participate in popular activities, being held near the residential, for example, the Paradise Xtreme ( beach volleyball, etc.) among others.

Leisure and free time. The cultural offer is very wide, counting on traditional festivities and activities (Carthaginians and Romans, Holy Week) and current ones (La Mar International Festival of music in Cartagena, Cante de las Minas, theater and Roman forum).

Services And all, under the comfort of an environment excellently communicated with other cities such as Cartagena, Murcia and Alicante and surrounded by services for daily use such as health centers, supermarkets, veterinarians, post offices, etc.

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03179 Alicante

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