Listing ID: 82-V3-2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Plot Size: 190 m²
Living Area: 79 m²
Terrace: 46 m²
Built in: NEW
May 19, 2019

Nous avons cette belle maison moderne à vendre située à distance de marche de la plage, sur un étage, il a 92m2 construit sur un terrain de 190m2, à l’intérieur vous avez 3 chambres avec placards, maintenant avec dressing, 2 salles de bains, salon-salle à manger, style américain cuisine, buanderie, terrasse couverte de 11m2, terrasse de 46m2, allée, jardin et 92 solarium. Cette propriété est équipée d’un système aérothermique pour la climatisation et le chauffage de l’eau, de murs, plafonds et planchers isolés, d’une piscine privée de 2,80 x 5,00 mètres et d’un interphone vidéo. Il est très bien situé, à 5 minutes du golf et à 45 minutes de l’aéroport d’Alicante ou à 10 minutes de l’aéroport San Javier de Murcie.


We do have this beautiful modern house for sale located walking distance to the beach, on one floor it has 92m2 built on 190m2 plot, inside you have 3 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes one with walk in wardrobe, 2 bathrooms, lounge-dining, American style kitchen, utility room, 11m2 covered terrace, 46m2 terrace, drive, garden and 92 solarium. This property is equipped with aerothermal system for air conditioning and heating water, insulated walls, ceilings and floor, 2,80 x 5,00 meters private pool and video intercom. It is very well located walking distance to amenities, 5 minutes to golf course and 45 minutes to the airport in Alicante or 10 minutes to San Javier airport in Murcia.



To achieve the desired appearance, the façade will be made up of a continuous exterior cladding with thermal insulation, covered with hydrophobic mortars reinforced with fiberglass mesh in single points and finished in white. As for the interior composition of the enclosures, after the placement of a brick factory half a foot thick, and in order to achieve optimum climatic comfort, a layer of 0.8cm of plaster is projected. Special attention will be paid to the elimination of all thermal bridges in the structure. As a decorative finish, the areas between the windows have been finished with “composite” slats with wood finish.


The roof of the villas will be flat and walkable in the solarium, since it is the area for the exterior use of the first floor dwellings. We will therefore put special interest in thermal insulation and waterproofing, so that any possibility of thermal or moisture transmission is eliminated.

On the roof of the second floor is raised equal except that it will not be passable in the “open” model.

Partition and insulation

Given our experience in other developments in the area, and its excellent results in practice, we will execute the internal partitioning with a brick factory seven centimeters thick with gypsum lining projected on both sides, except in the area of ​​bathrooms that will be protected with a cement mortar before laying the tiles.

of rectified porcelain material gripped with mortar with special glues for this material. To ensure maximum privacy between villas, the façade that gives the next garden, will be composed of a central factory core

of honeycomb brick of 1/2 foot of thickness, thermal and acoustic insulation of rigid panels of expanded polystyrene, finishing all this, in addition, with plastering of cement mortar, to achieve the most adequate soundproofing.

External woodwork

Installing windows and practicable doors of aluminum of last technology with break of thermal bridge, placed on metallic precerch, we will be able to limit the thermal transmissions of the outside through the carpentry. The aesthetics of the façade has led us to opt for glazed terracotta enclosures, with double laminated glass that will let the maximum illumination pass and let you see the views of the garden and pool. One of the greatest technological advances to achieve the best thermal insulation consists of in the use of state-of-the-art glazing, in sheet glass composition laminated in 4 + 4mm glass sheet composition, 10mm inner chamber and 4 + 4mm glass sheet in the exit slots to the sliding terraces elevable, with a very high protection against impact and safety (level 2 of the regulations to the effect of the CTE). The rest of the glass in doors will be laminated 4 + 4mm, inner chamber of 8mm and glass sheet of 3 + 3mm.

To achieve the darkening of the rooms and as a security reinforcement, we will install aluminum roller shutters of the same color as the carpentry, all motorized except in the outings to living room terraces, which for safety reasons are met by the elevating carpentry and to achieve the obscurations a roller store has been installed.

The leaves of the sliding windows have a minimalist profile that make between the two sliding leaves between the maximum light and you have

the greatest visibility abroad.

Light entrances with translucent glass have been installed in the dressing room area for greater use of natural light.

Interior carpentry

One of our priorities is the security of the whole, we have decided to install the entrance door to the armored housing “Dierre” and fixed to housing walls, which will not go

to aesthetic detriment, because the finish is done with marine board finished in wood in wax tones and with vertical works

The interior doors will be smooth finished in white paint-lacquer, and ironwork of modern design in steel color and with silent closures provided with magnet, with compact flashing of 1.50 cm thick

of the same material as the door with rubber closures, achieving an aesthetic line of excellence according to the rest of the interior qualities.

Finally, all the bedrooms will have a dressing room and will be spacious, calculated to provide ample storage with sliding doors to match the ones in transit, for greater operability.

We will deliver them completely finished, that is, covering them internally with laminated boards in textile aesthetic finishes, furnishing them with white lacquered drawers and providing them with an interior shelf for dividing the trunk and hanging rail with shelves.

Furniture and kitchen facilities

The latest trends require a careful design in the composition of kitchen furniture, harmonizing furniture and appliances. We will make a proposal of maximums, collaborating directly with the designers tolevel of manufacturing, inspired by current forms and marked horizontal lines, islands, taking care of all the details:

> High gloss lacquered doors with recess for opening, in bright white colors.

> ISLA with worktops made of compact Silestone or similar white material, integrating the stainless steel sink and one-handle mixer with a contemporary design by the ROCA® brand.

> Integrated stainless steel hood, with smoke evacuation to chimney of the MEPAMSA® brand.

> Column for white multifunction oven, and microwave of the brand BOSCH®. > Digital ceramic induction hob from BOSCH® brand.

> Recessed lighting in false ceiling with LEDs.

> Installation of all large appliances in the kitchen of the TEKA® brand (refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer).

Installation of plumbing and bathrooms

We will install a large format extra-flat shower tray of the ROCA® brand, with stainless steel bathroom screens / dividers and glass sheet in bathrooms, in a harmonious and operative coexistence between both. All the bathrooms have breast pumps.

The toilets will be of first-class design, in white ROCA® colors. The faucets will be of low consumption of water of the ROCA® brand, of a single-lever type, in the showers they will be built-in

The sinks will be minimalist design of compact countertop, on integrated furniture. We will install LED lighting on the ceiling.

Terraces: Water installations for irrigation in terraces,

privative garden and solarium, and of corresponding sinks.

Hot water system through solar panels and accumulator, with high energy efficiency and low consumption, with 120l accumulation capacities.

Electricity and telecommunications installations

The general protection tables of each house will have

automatic reset in the outdoor circuit differential.

Will have access to telecommunications prepared for the incorporation of cable and digital television, as well as band installations

Wide on fiber optics to each house. Television and telephone sockets in living room, kitchen, bedrooms, terraces and solarium.

The control mechanisms of lighting and plugs will have a white finish of the Schneider® brand. Low consumption and high efficiency lighting throughout the home

Air conditioning installations

The installation of air conditioning cold-heat by means of heat pump model General® or similar and ducts in all the rooms of the villa except in the bathrooms with adjustable grid in white color

Foundation and structure

The foundation will be developed with reinforced concrete adapted to the regulations of the Technical Building Code on

“Structural Security”. The pillars of pillars and beams will be executed with unidirectional slabs for all floors, calculated also according to the aforementioned regulations. The stairs will be made with concrete slabs. This section will be supervised in its entirety by the Technical Control Agency.

NATURAL VENTILATION AT FOUNDATION LEVEL: Natural air curtain that circulates below the house creating a level of added comfort and avoiding possible dampness by capillarity of the land


One of the most important elements of the finish of the house is

the flooring We propose an internal flooring of rectified porcelain tile of 60x60cm to choose between two or more colors, gloss white or dark gray …

All the terraces are solarán with plate of the same tone but with treatment for exteriors. The pavements will be Class 3 outdoor

The interior staircase will go with white compact quartz flooring

Coatings and false ceilings

Another of the fundamental materials is the vertical coating of bathrooms. We will also propose rectified porcelain plates, colored and

matching tones with the floors.

Regarding the painting of the house, we have decided to propose in plastic with smooth finish, in raw white color for the walls and ceilings of the house. To finish, we will manufacture false ceilings with laminated plasterboard, to be able to accommodate the air conditioning, electricity, plumbing and lighting installations without limitations.

We will provide decorative false ceiling with decorative lacquered white lacquered

matching the roof and carpentry in the bathrooms that have the air conditioning unit housed inside.

Exteriors and gardening

The plot will be completely closed perimetrically by a fence of stone wall without board and metallic locksmith of vertical elements according to design of project and height of 2.00 m, in the main facade, to match with blind walls. The pedestrian entrance of the same design as the fence and with video-doorman. The entrance of the vehicle will be through a motorized sliding door. Points of light and plugs on all terraces and solarium. Video entry phone with camera in main control of access to the villa.

They will be equipped with luminaries in outdoor areas with design sockets type DOPO CUB.

> Pool of 3.00 x 5.50 m finished with coronation equal to the exterior pavement integrated into the environment, with filtering equipment

> Pre-installation of heat pump for hot water in swimming pool

> Rear area decorated with gravel and slabs.

> Large paved outdoor area for terrace.

> Trees, gardening controlled by programmable irrigation

> Hidden grilles for rainwater evacuation

> Pre-installation for electric awning in dining room window

> Ventilation grille for sanitary chamber under housing


Santiago de la Ribera is a lovely town that sits on the shores of the Mar Menor. It is the coastal area of the town of San Javier and started life as a simple fishing village. It has now grown into a popular holiday destination, attracting not only the Spanish but also tourists from all over Europe.

Santiago has a modern feel, although it still maintains its ‘fishing village’ atmosphere. It has a very beautiful promenade, which is lined by majestic palm trees and 2 kilometres of wonderful sandy beaches. From here you can take a boat trip out across the calm waters of the Mar Menor, to the La Manga Strip on the opposite side. The main shopping area is really in the town of San Javier, but there are some some shops in the narrow streets to browse, try visiting on a Wednesday morning when there is a large street market.

Promenade: long palm tree lined beach front.

Town Centre: small and very Spanish with narrow streets.

Market: large Wednesday morning.

Spend some time at the large Wednesday morning market in Santiago, then take the 40 minute boat ride across the Mar Menor to the La Manga Strip for some lunch in the Tomas Maestre Marina, then head back to Santiago to enjoy an evening stroll along the promenade.

Combine a trip to Santiago with a stop at some of the other towns and villages that line the shores of the Mar Menor. Punta Brava is an excellent choice as it has a great viewpoint from where you get amazing vistas across the lagoon towards the La Manga Strip and to the mountains of the Sierra Mineras behind.

Santiago makes a good stop during any sort of flight delay at Murcia San Javier Airport as it is just 10 minutes drive away!

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